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Rou Materiaal in Afrikaans language means raw material.

Rou Materiaal was born in Ravenna, Italy, in 2013.
Rou Materiaal designs and manufactures, in Italy, unique pieces of art-design with an eclectic use: sculpture-tables from solid woods of century-old tree, died of natural causes, treated with fire, sand and resins and hand-painted art fabrics.
ROU Materiaal was founded in 2013 by the meeting of Marzia De Lorenzi, architect and Monica Cortesi, manager, both united by a great passion for art, design and a strong emotional bond with Paris.

ROU Materiaal born from the desire of Marzia and Monica to explore the world of "doing with hands" and freeing their creativity still unexpressed, experimenting on various materials for custom projects. Surfaces become a field of research. Research and experiments are concentrated on large linen canvases and on wooden planks.

Resins and acrylics are the main medium, over time stucco and cement have been added . The worked surfaces of ROU Materiaal evoke the stones. The link between a "primitive" material world and the search for contemporary shapes and textures represent the leitmotif of ROU Materiaal's poetics.

ROU Materiaal




Graduated in architecture at the University of Florence. Specialized in restoration; she has worked as a freelance designer since 1992, especially in the field of renovations.

From the birth of ROU Materiaal in 2013, designs and realizes with Monica, the ROU Materiaal artworks.


Graduated in Economics and Business. Master in Business Administration.

Manager, management consultant, co-founder of ROU Materiaal.

Great passion for art and design ever.

From the birth of ROU Materiaal in 2013, designs and realizes with Marzia, the ROU Materiaal artworks.

  • pezzi unici art design

  • one of a kind

  • contemporary art pieces

  • sculture

  •  sculptures tables

  • progetti custo

  • custom projects

  • made in Italy

  • handmade in Italy


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